If you’re looking to get rid of unwanted, extra body hair, waxing is a quick, easy and affordable way. But with the many different types of wax available, knowing which body wax to choose for which part can be confusing. We’ve broken down the different types of body wax based on your exact needs.

The different types of wax that you can use for hair removal


1. Soft wax

Soft wax, also known as strip waxing, is used by spreading a thin layer of the warm body wax on top of the skin. This is typically used on larger areas of the body, like your arms and legs. 

2. Hard wax

Hard body wax is typically used for smaller, more sensitive areas including the upper lip, underarms and bikini area. This type of body wax is applied warm, directly onto the skin. It is given time to cool and then harden, and is then pulled off in the opposite direction of the hair growth. A benefit of hard types of wax is that they only bind to the hair, never the skin. 

3. Sugar wax

Sugar wax is typically made from sugar, lemon and hot water and has been around for centuries. Sugar pulls the root of the hair out of the skin, much like soft and hard body wax, however it’s made with natural ingredients, which is ideal for people with sensitive skin. Similar to hard body wax, sugar wax doesn’t stick to the skin, only the hair, so it can be applied and removed multiple times without causing any skin issues.

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